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RoIP Gateway NC-MG221

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˙Radio over Internet Protocol, or RoIP, is similar to Voice over IP (VoIP), but augments two-way radio communications rather than telephone calls. It is essentially VoIP with PTT (Push To Talk). To the user it can be implemented like any other radio network.

˙RoIP Gateway is a voice gateway that makes connection between radio and IP network. There are so many radio intercom systems, like: Analog Radio, TETRA Digital Radio, GOTA Digital Radio, etc, different radio intercom systems make isolated information island, cannot achieve interconnection and interworking.

˙A variety of radios with PSTN, IP phones, GSM/CDMA/WCMDA/4G LTE and other common communication networks are able to achieve interconnection and interworking.

˙In application areas such as emergency dispatching, isolated information island is the biggest obstacle to effectiveness.

˙The integration of the radio intercom networks, traditional telephone communications network and NGN network is imperative. RoIP Gateway from NICEUC is designed to match with such requirements, which supports 4 to 48 radio lines per unit. It is used in connecting, building complete varieties of Radio communication networks.

˙Each line interface of RoIP Gateway can be used as a terminal which registers to NGN SIP Server.

˙Radios can call the preset number of each line interface of RoIP Gateway via PTT button or DTMF dialing. This number can not only correspond to a terminal; but also can correspond to an intercom group and conference group.

˙Wired telephone call line number of RoIP Gateway then can be switched on connecting to the radio intercom devices which has same radio as line of RoIP Gateway.

˙Different standards of radios can be achieved interconnection and intercommunication through RoIP Gateway.

˙Support multi-level preemption rights of mix of wired and wireless.

˙When using the device, each line interface corresponds to a radio channel, so that you can access the same radio intercom systems to IP communication system.

˙A variety of standard digital radios and analog radios can be involved in IP communication system

˙Through other conversion gateways, radios with GSM/CDMA and other mobile networks can communicate with each other.

˙It has analog radio interfaces, TETRA digital radio interfaces or GOTA, etc., shortwave radio interfaces and other wireless radio interfaces.







Slot for PSU





1 to 2

Slot for MCU card





1 to 2

Slot for 4 ports Radio card






Radio /PTT port

1 to 2

1 to 8

1 to 4

4 to 16

16 to 48

VoIP Channels


16 or 32



64 or 128

Ethernet port

One 10/100/1000M Base-T

Two 10/100/1000M Base-T

Console port

One RS232 port (Console Management port)

Radio Compatibility

Motorola, Hytera, TETRA, etc

SIP Compatibility

CISCO, Siemens, AVAYA, Huawei, ZTE, etc

Power supply unit

AC 110-240V

DC-48V or AC 110-240V

DC-48V or AC 110-240V

AC 110-240V

DC-48V or AC 110-240V (Redundancy







Machine size


480mm*325mm* 44mm (1U)

480mm*325mm*44mm (1U)

480mm*300mm*88mm (2U)

480mm*300mm*160mm (3.5U)








Temperature0℃50℃ Humidity 10%-90Non-condensing

1.Connection between Radios and IP phones (such as IP Dispatching system)


˙ IP phones can dial the line number of RoIP Gateway which connected to radios, then attend the radio intercom.

˙ IP phone can press "*1*" (or other definable function keys)to apply for right of calls, if the application is successful, RoIP Gateway will play a prompt tone "start to speak", and then IP phone can speak;

˙ IP phone can press "*2*" (or other definable function keys) to release right of calls. After right of calls are released, RoIP Gateway will play a prompt tone "start to listen", so the other terminal can apply for the right to speak

˙ The TETRA terminal can directly press the PTT button for the right of calls and release the PTT button to release the right of calls.

˙ When IP terminals occupy right of calls, other radio terminals with same radio can hear the content of the calls of IP terminal, and vice versa.

˙ The application mode can realize the integration of wired dispatching and radio dispatching. At office with signals of radio, you can use IP phone to initiate intercom with radio system, and greatly expand the scope of dispatching to achieve seamless integration of wired system and radio system.

2.Dispatching System in different places via RoIP Gateway


˙ Break through the restriction of radio region, the dispatching center can realize the scheduling of radio systems in different places.

˙ The dispatch center call number of RoIP Gateway in different places, it can establish intercom with remote radio users.

3.Connection of Radios with different frequency or bands


˙ RoIP Gateway from NICEUC has analog radio interfaces, TETRA digital radio interfaces or GOTA, etc., shortwave radio interfaces and other wireless radio interfaces.

˙ According to the nature of accessing radios, we can perform customization access over RoIP Gateway, each line can be connected to different frequencies or bands of radios.

˙ Dispatching system can dispatch radio systems with different frequencies or bands on basis of RoIP Gateway.

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