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  • Analog Gateway / IP PBX NC-MG320

    1. Rackmount 1U height, dimension: 480mm*286mm*44mm;

    2. Specification: up to 32 ports FXO/FXS, or up to 8 ports GSM/CDMA/WCDMA, or up to 16 ports FXO/FXS and 8 ports GSM/CDMA/WCDMA;

    3. SIP Trunk: 64 or 128;

    4. SIP Users: 16 to 1048;

    5. Up to 4 E1/T1 ports, supports ISDN PRI, SS7, R2/CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS,etc;

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    Analog Gateway / IP PBX NC-MG320
  • VoIP Media Gateway NC-MG900-208

    1. Rackmount 1U height;

    2. Two E1 cards with 8 E1 / T1 ports with 256 VoIP channels per unit;

    3. Support ISDN PRI, SS7, R2 / CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS and SIP.

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    VoIP Media Gateway NC-MG900-208
  • Integrated Gateway NC-MG930-X

    1. Rackmount 3.5U height;

    2. All-in-one device, supports E1/ISDN, FXO/FXS, GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/4G LTE, Radio/PTT/Audio/VHF/UHF, E&M/Magnet, SIP&SIP user;

    3. Built-in with industrial computer board X86 or MIPS card for installing customers' software;

    4. MCU slot *1 or 2, PSU slot *1 or 2, LPU slot *12 (Both MCU and PSU are hot-standby);

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    Integrated Gateway NC-MG930-X
  • Audio Gateway NC-MG232A

    1. Support 8 audio ports to VoIP SIP.

    2. Optional interface: FXO/FXS, GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/4G LTE, E&M/Magnet, Radio, SIP and SIP subscribers, etc

    3. Rack mountable 1U height.

    4. It is mainly used in IPCC, IP Dispatching, unified communications, VoIP network, operators, and so on.

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    Audio Gateway NC-MG232A
  • VoIP GSM Gateway NC-MG640W

    1. Rackmount 2U height;

    2. 32 channels GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / 4G LTE with 32 SIM cards per unit;

    3. SMS supported;

    4. Choice of ISDN PRI / E1 and FXO (PSTN Telephone land line) / FXS;

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    VoIP GSM Gateway NC-MG640W
  • E&M / Magnet Gateway NC-MG320E

    1. Support 8 ports EM/Magnetto SIP .

    2. Optional interfaces:E1/T1,FXO/FXS,GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/4G LTE, Radio/Audio, SIP and SIP Subscribers.

    3. Rack mountable 1U height.

    4. Reliable and Stable E&M/Magnet to VoIP Gateway with carrier grade for Railway, Army and Dispatching Industry.

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    E&M / Magnet Gateway NC-MG320E
  • RoIP Gateway NC-MG221

    1. ROIP Gateway with 2 lines.

    2. Rack mountable 1U height.

    3. ROIP Gateway is a voice gateway connecting radio and IP network, it can achieve interconnection and inter- working.

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    RoIP Gateway NC-MG221
  • IPPBX NC-NPX7000

    1. NPX7000 is an embedded small Soft Switch System, using MIPs structure, and compact design.
    2. It is fully compatible with most VoIP devices from different manufacturers, perfect compatibility provides with best communication service to users.

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    IPPBX NC-NPX7000
  • SBC NC-SE160

    1. Session Border Controller, protect your private network.

    2. 1U chassis.

    3. Up to 50000 SIP users with 500 concurrent calls.

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    SBC NC-SE160
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